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American Imports

American car import in Spain - Tax free USA car import in Spain

We Register Any Car Spain specialises in importing and registering cars from the USA. We also offer the same importation and registration services for cars from Canada, Dubai and Riyadh and most other countries outside the European Union. We offer assistance with shipping, along with customs and port clearance in the major ports in Spain.

Spanish Taxes on cars from outside the EU?

Under normal circumstances, there is an import tax of 10%, plus 18% IVA tax on top, making the import tax 28%. Plus to register the car, there is a further maximum of 16% applied for the Matriculation (registration) tax on top, which brings the potential tax burden to 42%. We are the experts in saving import and registration taxes on your imported car, when and if possible, by making use of the 'Change of Residence' rules. Call to check your personal status on saving these taxes.

On occasions the cars lights will need modification to meet EU vehicle compliance and safety laws. As an example ' cars from North America do not have the High Intensity Rear Fog lights and the indicator lenses need to be orange rather than red. Both of these elements are mandatory in the EU. We are able to get your car legal to be registered here in Spain and resolve any lighting issues in a swift and cost-effective manner. Indeed, we can take care of everything, creating peace of mind for you as you know you are dealing with industry experts whose customer care is second to none.

So if you are importing a car from the USA, Dubai, Riyadh, Canada or any country outside the EU then we can help and can often save you paying the import and registration taxes too! Remember that if you are importing a car from outside the EU, even though it may have been manufactured in Europe, it may not have European Type Approval.

Spanish Car Insurance This is sometimes a huge concern for those who have shipped their cars from overseas or are about to ship them. It's comforting to know that we can take care of this very important aspect too and know a trusted partner insurance company who can insure your cars whilst they are still on the number plates of their country of origin or registration.

For example, we can insure the vehicles whist still on USA or Canadian plates - on Dubai or Riyadh plates. In fact, on any number plate from any country of origin 'providing' you are using We Register Any Car Spain to import and register the car on your behalf!

Contact us before shipping your car so everything is taken care of, at the outset. We ensure that you have everything at your fingertips. One call does it all! +34 664006000
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