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Customer Case Study


We had decided to move to Spain and had arranged a removal company and set the date to move to our new life and thought I had taken care of everything. We duly arrived in Spain and went through the stressful time that comes with moving to a new country.

We had only been in Spain for a few months when I got stopped in a Police road block and they demanded to know how long I had been living in Spain. I thought back and it was around 5 months as luckily, I had the ferry tickets still in the glove box as proof. The relief was short lived when the Policeman, who spoke good English, told me I have another couple of weeks to get my car registered onto Spanish plates or face it being impounded by them and warned me that he would be looking out for me in the future! Wow ? welcome to Spain I thought!

After the initial shock I got to work on the computer and started to look for someone to help me as I knew absolutely nothing about registering my car in Spain. What did I need to do? How could I do it? Where did I start? Who could I trust?

I got started on both Google and Yahoo search engines and put in several key words groups like:
  • register my car in Spain
  • get Spanish plates on my car
  • Spanish car registration
  • UK registered car onto Spanish plates
  • import and register my car in Spain
  • car importation into Spain
  • register any car Spain
  • How to import car in Spain
In all my internet searching, We Register Any Car (Spain) kept popping up. I visited their website and finally called them for more information, as time was running out to get my car registered in Spain. My questions were simple ? how much would it cost and how fast could they do it? Oh ? plus, did my RHD car need headlights changing to get it registered onto Spanish number plates?

I read their website and was impressed with what I saw but like anyone else, I was really worried about important things like trust and honesty as I have heard of people getting ripped off in the past when registering cars in Spain. After speaking with the company, I went with We Register Any Car (Spain) as I was fine with the cost quoted but mostly, I felt I could trust them as there were lots at stake. Namely my car, my personal documents and my money!

As my car could be impounded at any time, action was necessary and they started the job the very next day! I need not have worried as We Register Any Car did a superb job and I had Spanish number plates on my car in a few days and did not have to pay any registration taxes either. I saved lots and learned that my trust in them was well placed and they delivered on their promises and showed commitment to me and my needs as a customer. They took care of everything right down to supplying and fitting of the headlights.

If you need Spanish number plates on your car, get the experts to do it and they may also save you paying the hefty taxes too. We Register Any Car cannot be recommended highly enough and they did everything and the biggest thing for me (apart from saving me a hefty wedge of money) was the trust factor. This guy and his company were fabulous. Call We Register Any Car Spain to register your car. Spanish number plates on your car ? made easy by the experts! AG. Newcastle UK.