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Spanish ITV

Every car going through the re-registration process onto Spanish number plates has to undertake the stringent Spanish ITV test and every vehicle registered in Spain eventually has to pass an ITV test too.

Itís the Spanish equivalent of the English MOT although more thorough and comprehensive. There is a difference in the cost of a standard ITV test and the ITV test used as part of the Spanish re-registration process. An ITV checks every facet of the cars road-worthiness and safety compliance and ensures it's safe to be on the road.

A 'certificate of road-worthiness' is only valid in the country where the car is registered. In other words, if the car is registered in the UK then it needs an MOT but if itís Spanish registered, then its needs an ITV. And contrary to popular belief, a Spanish ITV is not valid on a UK registered car, or any German, French, Italian, Dutch, Swedish registered cars either! Think ITV Ė think Spanish!

And if your vehicles MOT certificate expires whilst using your UK car in Spain, then it no longer has a valid certificate of road-worthiness. In other words, itís illegal. And whilst driving without UK road tax isn't a criminal offence, itís certainly not legal either, as every car in the UK and Spain must have current road tax for it to be allowed to be driven on the road.

In such instances with expired MOT and Road Tax, you need to recognise that the Police can impound your car, as itís illegal to be on the road in Spain. But it doesn't stop there, as if you are involved in a serious road traffic accident, when using your vehicle without a certificate of road-worthiness (MOT) you could find your insurance is withdrawn on such a 'technicality'. This is when your troubles will spiral out of control, so be warned and keep your car legal and get it re-registered in Spain.

Many ask if the Spanish ITV has to be taken if the car is being re-registered as a car of Classic status. The answer is yes as to re-register any car into Spain, the ITV test is compulsory and is part of the registration process. This is true even for cars of Historical importance and when the owners have decided to go the extra mile and register their cherished car onto Spanish Historical number plates.

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