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What We Do

We Import and Register these vehicles in Spain

Re-registration of UK cars (including Ireland, States of Jersey and Guernsey)

Re-registration of vehicles from EU countries (Swedish, French, German, Dutch, Italian etc)

American cars imports in Spain - USA car import and registration

Dubai car import and registration in Spain

Riyadh car import and registration in Spain

Classic Car import and registration in Spain

Historic Car import and registration onto 'Spanish Historical plates'

Kit Cars Import and registration in Spain

European vehicle lighting conformity (for UK RHD cars and foreign cars being registered into Spain)

Shipping, Port and Customs Clearance Services: (Cadiz - Algeciras - Barcelona)

Importation and registration of Motor Cycles and Scooters

Importation and registration of Motorhomes and Commercial vehicles (LHD only)

US car import specialist

Classic Car Spanish Registration - Historical Number Plates

As well as importing and registering all type of cars, 4x4's, motorcycles and motor-homes we also specialise in the registration of Classic Cars, Historic Cars and American Muscle Cars. Spanish authorities request ‘special registration criteria’ for classic and antique cars of historical importance and are keen to preserve outstanding classic and iconic cars for future generations to embrace and enjoy. Spain should be applauded for taking such a stance for these cars of historic importance and are fairly unique in this respect. And whilst it’s a fairly expensive and time consuming task, it has benefits and advantages for the classic car owner.

We are one of the few registration companies in Spain that offer a highly specialist 'Spanish Historic Number Plate' service throughout the Spanish mainland and the Islands of Mallorca and Ibiza. So if you have a cherished car which needs this special form of registration in Spain, call us directly to discuss your requirements. In order to qualify for Historic Plates, your car has to meet stringent criteria which have been laid down by the relevant Spanish authorities and must be over 25 years old. Call or email for further clarification of this special Spanish registration process.
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